The future of Diagnosis

Made simple

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Clinical Decision Support

Assistive A.I. lays out all the information so professionals can stay focused on what matters

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Early Detection

Patients get a laser focused treatment based on the analysis of their breath

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Actionable Information

Our continuously expanding A.I. is picking patterns that allow us to catch a disease in its early stages

"We are building this for everyone. Integration & Aggregation is part of BreathSounds' DNA"

Frank O'Neill : Head of Tech

The future of Analysis

Data deep dive

We are constantly exploring new horizons. You can be a part of that journey.

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Continuous Trials

We are constantly collaborating with clinics, expanding our datasets & fine-tuning our analysis.

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Evolving A.I.

As our dataset grows, so does our A.I.’s' understanding of our lungs. Its ability to aggregate multiple BreathSounds gives us new data daily.

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Our Analyzer is designed in a way that allows us to introduce new cababilities and try out new ways of analysis without any hindrance.


You don’t need to get your own dataset of patients. AireHealth makes the analysis available as a service, which makes use of its own massive dataset.

Patient Coaching

It can be used to pick up a patient’s usage of a respiratory device and give instant feedback of its correct usage.


The engine itself can be used in a Phone app, a respiratory device (spirometer), an IoT device or whatever you can think of.

Curated recordings library

We provide access to a searchable database of sounds with associated metadata. Thus allowing BoB and WoW identification.

Wellbeing A.I.

Athletes & Musicians can improve their breathing, thus improving their results. The Analyzer monitors their Flow BreathSounds and combines that with the exercise analysis and tracking.

Health A.I.

Sleep Apnea / Wheeze / Cough / Rhonchi is tracked through the Analyzer. By monitoring them it can provide an analysis of their sleep session.



- Revolutionizing Respiratory Care

As an innovative digital health company, delivering meaningful innovation is our passion.

With strong IP and clinically validated products in our pipeline, we enable more personalized medicine, proactive care, and early interventions to improve outcomes and reduce costs.

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To Mitigate and Track Covid-19, Entrepeneurs Push to Develop Tools
15 Jul, 2020 David M. Ewalt - The Wall Street Journal

To Mitigate and Track Covid-19, Entrepeneurs Push to Develop Tools

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